Monday, 31 August 2009

VW Van Template (PTU)

My very latest template, am pretty pleased with the hard work i put into this one, been pondering back n forth with it yst & today and finally lol here it is,
Will be loaded to the stores in the morning along with the waistcoat & halloween pack 4.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and $1 day at P4S, many many of my items will be listed so take a trip over there tomorrow and fetch a few bargains.

Halloween Goodies Pack 4

Heres the fourth pack of lil halloween goodies templates, its getting nearer & nearer lol so time to get stocked up on the spooky stuff, going to work on another halloween kit very soon this week coming i hope.
This pack will be available in the stores tomorrow.

Fringed Waistcoat Template

New Waistcoat template & going in the stores tonight I hope lol, if I dont get this loaded tonight it will be in stores tmw & watch out for many many of my listings at P4S for only $1 each.
Hope someone likes this one as much as the first waistcoats I did.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

70s Flares Template

And the second template just newly added to the store (P4S) this morning,
link is on the right over >>>>>>>>>
Hope someone likes these and will go nice with the waistcoats from a few weeks ago.

Boots Template

The idea for these came from the other day when I was at Edinburgh, we were passing a fancy dress shop and I hauled Steven inside, id always wanted a pair of white patient go go boots lol, so we rumaged through the shop and sure enough i came outta the shop the proud owner of a pair of go go boots (not white lmao) pink would you believe but luv them the same hehehe..
Anyways I started this template yst but was out last night so here it is finished for yall today,
Its just listed in P4S now and yep is included in the 25% sales which will end midnight 31st Aug so hurry lol.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Gameboy Template

Another old blast from the past with this old and original gameboy, I had and still have one of these before i had my son lmao, used to love playing mario on this, got it sitting on the desk beside me and thought this turned out quite realistic dont cha think...
Available in P4s now and theres just 2 days left of the sale, if you wanna stock up and save lol.
Going in Katelynn Designs store later today also so keep an eye out for it over there where the sale is also good till Aug 31st.

Hope everyones having a good start to the weekend
hugs Susan

Twister Floor Game Template

Just added to P4S, this good ole oldie party game lol, you get 2 seperate layered templates for this, one for the mat and one for the board, more details in store listing HERE.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Simon Electronic Game Template

Ok this is the 3rd and final one for tonight, not loaded in stores until tmw as I need to get this one zipped up lol, takes ya back doesnt it lol (well it does me hehe) will be available tomorrow for those of you who are interested... be on the lookout lol I have some other ideas up my sleeve for the weekend, but you just have to wait and see hehe.
Have a fab night everyone.
Hugs Susan

Hand Held Invaders Template

2nd golden oldie gaming template for today, I had one of these many many moons ago lol I remember it well and it was exactly the same bright yellow, had many hours of fun with this, template is available in both P4s & Katelynn Designs Stores today, and yep you will save 25% when you buy before Aug 31st.
Hope some of you will be able to use this.

Lights Alive Template

Back to some gaming templates today lol, this ones an oldie from long ago, do ya remember this lol, available in P4S & Katelynn Desings Stores now, remember the 25% saving is still good for 2 days, links to the stores are over on the right >>>>>>>>>

Halloween Goodies 3 Templates

Heres the 3rd set of Halloween Goodie Templates, you get a cat, an axe and devils pitchfork in this one, tagger size intended and templates are layered, psp & psd files included as always, if you like you can pick this up from p4s & katelynn designs stores now, hurry while my 25% sale is still running, last few days, sale ends Aug 31st.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Spookville Scrap Kit

Heres just a sneek peek of my first halloween kit i put together, the previews taken me longer tonight than id hoped lol so will get this all zipped up and into the store along with the Ouija Board template tmw, but will be a bit later in the day as i have a hospital appt in Edinburgh for my cochlear implant re-tuning so instead of me sitting in front of a pc I will be hooked up to one lol sounds funny yep but true, anyways I will be around in the morning for a little while so will see what I can get done before I go.
Hope some of you like this one.
Hugs Susan.

Ouija Board Template

An Ouija Board lol, may come in handy for these halloween themes or something spooky hehe,
They will be in P4S store tmw, I'm still having major problems with Dazzling Scraps so am afraid I cant list over there yet.
Be sure to check Paradise 4 Scrappers tomorrow for this listing and of course my other halloween goodies, yep all still 25% for the next week then its back to full price.
Hope someone can use this.
Hugs Susan

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Halloween Goodies Templates

New & in P4S store tonight this pack of 3 templates for your halloween needs, all shown smaller than actual size in the preview but pls remember the templates are tagger size intended and created on canvas appro 700x700.
Hope someone likes these.
Hugs Susan

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hearse Template

Latest Addition to the Halloween Templates, just added to P4S store just now, be sure to take a wander over there tomorrow for the $1 Tuesday yayyyyyy I will be listing lots of my things for that and ya just never know when I will repeat it lol, other than that I still have 25% off ALL my listings until 31st Aug.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Club Night Scrap Kit ... coming very soon

Ok this is my newest kit preview, not quite got all the bits sorted in the folders for zipping yet lol but should have all that done before bedtime tonight and ready to uload in the stores tomorrow.

Halloween Wordart Freebie

Well ladies this is a day for the freebies eh lol... this time I bring you a bunch of halloween wordart in black n white hope some of you will be able to use in your fabulous creations.

Download - HERE.

Spooky Mansion Template

Spooky Mansion is my 2nd halloween house template, again comes on many many layers for your own decoration etc, psp & psd files included, template is approx 700x700 so tagger size intended, (ps my pc memory cant compete with the full size templates & slows everything to almost a halt so no full size as of yet sorry) Colour is shown in the preview only.

Availabe tonight from Paradise 4 Scrappers, Katelynn Designs & Dazzling Scraps stores, check back later for postings .
Have a great sunday yall
hugs Susan

Starburst Button Freebies

and the 3rd set of freebie buttons

Download - HERE.

Rave Babe Button Freebies

2nd set of button freebies, hope someone can use them and pls let me know if you download.

Download - HERE

Yet More Freebie Buttons

Ok ok lol I am behind with getting these posted, was meant to post before I started the Halloween things but ya know how things get lol especially with me jumping around on 10 things at once hahaha

Anyways here they are, the first set of buttons today and yep they are FREE to grab

Download - HERE.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Halloween Templates

Last minute post of the night again lol, made these today and will be listing in all stores tmw...
be sure to check back here tomorrow to grab a couple of freebies that i will be posting too
ohhhh and 2 new overlay packs coming too, they have been done for bout 3 weeks lol but was early to post back then, Halloween themed of course.

Have a fab night everyone
Catch yall tmw
hugs Susan

Friday, 21 August 2009

Haunted House Template

Halloween was always my fav theme to do when tagging so hope i have the same mojo for bringing you all some halloween templates this year, this is the first and what a work lol i spent ages on this today but its not toooo bad .. is it lol
Its in the stores tonight hope some of you will use it
and with that its off to bed i go lol

have fun everyone
hugs Susan

Bingo Template

Another one in the Games themes lol, just loaded into the stores tonight and as usual included in my 25% off sale at P4S.
Good news is we got the prob sorted at Dazzling Scraps store and am proud to say all my products are now available over there too yayyyyyy.

Watch out for the Halloween things coming very soon.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dress Template

Last one for tonight is this wee dress template comes layered so you can mix n match colours and patterns if you want. 2nd belt layer included, its available in the stores tonight, sorry correction lol it is available at P$S tonight and will be in Katelynns Designs tmw anddddddd lol Dazzling Scraps once we get the zen sorted out for me there. Links to the stores are over on the right >>>>>>>>>>>> and yep this is also marked down 25%.
Hope someone can use this.
And thats me for tonight I think, bed time lol
Night Everyone
hugs Susan

Flat Wall TV Template

Another new addition to the stores tonight is this TV template can be used as like wall mounted or use the extras chains to create a suspended from ceiling look, or whatever you like lol, pls remember my templates are tagger size so far though i have been asked about full size so watch this space lol i may give it a whirl.
Links to stores can be found over on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>
Remember the 25 % off and happy shopping.

Chair & Small Stool Templates

These should go well with the bar and bar stools, a smaller stool template and lil chair template to complete the set, now available in the stores (links on the right)>>>>>>>>>>>
Remember the sales still going strong, 25 % off everything in my listings.

T Shirt Templates

New in the store tonight, 2 t shirt templates one is plain and the other with a little decoration if you prefer lol, this is the first of a few new listings tonight so be sure to check them all out.
Links to the store can be found over there on the right >>>>>>>>>>>
hope theyre of use to someone.

Paper Pack 13 Freebie

This weeks freebie paper pack, old skool wordart hope some of you can use this and you can grab it from 4shared below

Download - HERE.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Slot Machine Template

just a quick post for this one i finished today, hope yall like this Ive wanted to do one for a while but again it was really detailed so took me a while putting it all together, will be in stores tomorrow, all the others are now in the stores and on sale at 25% and this will be the same lol.
Having a headache with PB lol ive no space left so need to work something out for my new stuff, grrrrrr
Will be back tomorrow cuz im having an earlier night tonight
Have a good one everyone
hugs Susan

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bar Stool Templates

To go with the Bar you need some bar stools right lol, this is now available in P4S & Katelynn Designs stores, am having some issues getting my items sorted in Dazzling Scraps so it isnt in there just yet but will be as soon as I get it sorted.
Links to both stores can be found over there on the right >>>>>>

And its bed time for me now, have a good one everyone
Hugs Susan

Classic Invaders Template

Well I've went and amazed myself again with this one, have wanted to do this for a few weeks and been doing outlines here & there when the moods taken me, today i decided to get it finished and see how it looked all coloured and finished, i didnt think it would look like a game machine lol but it seems to have turned out not too badly dontcha think .....
Will be available all stores tonight hopefully, i need to get to the shops for a few bits n bobs then will get it zipped and loaded when i return
Hope some of you like this and can use in your tags/kits, id love to see any creations from this and of course any others that you use.
Check back later for more cuz you never know what I will come up with next hehehe...
Hugs Susan

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bar Template

Another of my crazy ideas lol, i think im addicted to making these templates and having so much fun lol, ps the little bottle of champers is not included in the pack, shown for the colour preview only sorry..
This is available now in P4S and will soon be listed at Katelynn Designs as well as Dazzling Scraps stores.
Dont forget there is still a saving of 25% on all my products including all new listings until the end of the month, after that I can't guarantee when the next sale will be so if you like what you see shop till you drop now hehehe.

Pool Table & Cue Template

New in Stores tonight, something else for the games collection lol, is listed in P4S and will be available in both Katelynn Designs & Dazzling Scraps stores as soon as Im organised.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

TV Cabinet Template

Im working on a new kit and got carried away as usual with bits for it lol so here's another addition for the room themes, hope this will be useful to some of you and will be in the store with the dartboard template as soon as i have my bath lol
Back soon to upload
hugs Susan.

Dartboard Template

Another template in the games collection lol, pretty pleased with the results on this on again too hehe, you get psp & psd files included, template is layered and smaller in preview than actual size, the finished board is shown on the preview only.
This will be in stores tonight so be sure to check it out.

Top of the Class Buttons Freebie

And the 2nd lot of buttons are also free to anyone that wants to use them.

Download - HERE

Teachers Pet Buttons Freebie

Some buttons for these school kits/tags, grab em if you like em

Download - HERE.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Groovy Bettle Template

After a lotta frustration and hard work i decided to try finish up this template today, have been wanting to finish all week lol but kept jumping to other things, am pretty pleased with the finished results in this too hehe.
Will be uploading to all stores tomorrow as we are off to see and support the guys from Steven's work tonight, they play in a cool band, looking forward to it so i wont be around till tmw

Be sure to check back for this in stores I promise tomorrow, ohhhhhhhhhh and before i forget there will be 2 or 3 freebies posted here as soon as i get up tomorrrow cuz i did them yst and with finishing the beetle i forgot to post

Have a fab night everyone

PC Keyboard Template

Well lol I got pretty carried away with this one last night, got the idea from my new keyboard thats just sitting here in the box so far lol, this took me forever and was quite pleased with the finished results so hope some of you will like it.
Comes layered on lots of seperate layers for you to put your own finishing touches to, psp & psd files included, again preview is shown smaller than actual size and colours are shown in preview only. Priced at $1.75 but as all new listings its included in the 25% off sale at P4s & Katelynn Designs stores.
I have just joined the designers over at Dazzling Scraps store too so all my products will be going in there over the weekend so be sure to stop by there for a browse.

Have a great weekend and Happy Shopping lol.

Desk Calculator Template

New in stores today is this desktop calculator template, perfect for back to school themes or even office themed lol, template comes layered, included in psp 7 psd file format, is shown smaller than actual size in the preview but is tagger size intended, priced at just $1.50 with 25% off that price for the month of August.
Available in P4S store for now and will be available in Katelynns Designs store later in the weekend, also watch out for my products coming soon to Dazzling Scraps who kindly invited me to join there in selling my products, just getting things set up over the weekend and then all items will be available.

Check out my next post for another template in stores today, and last but not least, more freebies are coming your way this weekend so check back often and grab them while you can.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Handbags Templates - in stores later today

Heres the first of a few new templates going in the stores over the weekend, you get a groovy shoulder bag template & a neat handbag template, both templates are layered and come in both psp & psd files, tagger size intended but previews are shown much smaller than actual size, the finished products are shown on preview only and are not included in the zip, the wordart is an optional extra and also not included in zip.

Be sure to check out P4s & Katelynn Designs later today for this listing.

Paper Pack 12 Freebie

The 2nd paper freebie for you all, same as last lol but darker, would love to hear from you if you use these for anything .....

Download - HERE.

Paper Pack 11 Freebie

Good Morning All, are you all ready for the weekend, hehe I know I am, it's been one awful busy week for me but I did manage to put some things together, a few templates which are listed in the stores and also here is the first of 2 paper pack freebies for you all, hope someone likes and can use these, would love to hear from you if you do use lol...

Download - HERE.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Portion of Back to School Collab for P4S

This is my part of the Back to School Collab kit only availabe at P4S store, coming very soon so be sure to stop by the store and check out everyones awesome portions and details on how to get this collab kit.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

$1.00 Day @ P4S

Yayyy its Tuesday again, time to fetch a bargain or few lol, theres over 600 products listed at a crazy price of just $1 each over at p4S, lots of my listings are in this sale too so if you've seen something you like then todays the day to go shopping hehehe

Have fun everyone, the link to the store is in the advert above simply click to go shop

Monday, 10 August 2009

Disco Glitter Ball Template

Another Groovy template today, if your looking for disco theme this disco glitter ball may just be perfect for you lol, is now available in Paradise 4 Scrappers

80's Chic Wordart Freebie

Another freebie wordart for yall today, 80's Chic wordart in 10 different colours, so snag if you like.

Download - HERE.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Caravan Template

Latest template going in the stores today, a lil caravan lol, hope this is useful to some of you for your tag/kits, many layers included, psp & psd files, preview is shown much smaller than actual size and coloured product is for preview purpose only.
Be sure to check out P4s & Katelynn Designs stores later today as this will be listed and also included in my 25% off sale for August.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Retro Sofa Template

Was really pleased with this one and hope some of you will be able to use this in your tags/kits, the template is much smaller in the preview than actual size and colours are shown in preview only, will be uploading into the stores tomorrow as I have a night out and 100 things to do before I go, its already 5pm so time for tea lol, matching chair preview in post below.