Thursday, 29 October 2009

Racing Helmet Template

A request tonight has inspired me to finish off this one thats been on the go but stopped to work on something else lol so here is the racing helmet template just finished, its layered so the stars are optional, you are welcome to use your own design for decorating this. Tagger size as always and measures 510x470.

Have loaded todays other new templates to the stores earlier and have a nice hot bath running now lol so as soon as ive had a soak in the tub I will return and upload this one to the stores tonight and as always it will be automatically included into the last few days of the sale with 35% off everything in my listings at Katelynns Designs, Scraps with Attitude and Scrappin Bratz stores until 31st Oct.

Back soon
huggs Susan

Punch Bag Templates

More coming tonight for the sports series, this time boxing is the subject lol, can also be used for other training mind you, hope its useful anyways and will be available tonight in the stores.

hugs Susan

Wishing Well Template

New template coming into the stores tonight, have a few things to do first but its all ready to just list, so will be back to upload in a few hours, hope some of you will be able to use this, again you can use many times over with different effects & textures for different themed kits.

Check back in a while and this will be available.
Huggs Susan

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Snow Covered Christmas Tree - FREEBIE

Well ladies i figured it was time for a freebie, kinda overdue sorry lol, was playing with this yesterday and decided to do a few different colours for you all, hope it comes to good use in your Christmas tags, the trees are png files and tagger size but personal use only please.

Download - HERE

pls leave some love when you download, i do read every single one and its always nice to know that the freebies are appreciated.

Huggs Susan

Fairytale Castle Template

Another new one for you all, this one can have tons of uses depending how you customise, can be a fairytale castle or castle of doom lol, choose your colours and textures to maximise this one.
Again its available in Katelynns & Scraps with Attitude today, will be available in the other stores very soon.
Hope some of you enjoy this one.
Huggs Susan

Park Bench Template

Newly added to Katelynns Designs & Scraps with Attitude today, pls note this will be available in the other stores asap, i had so much to do today i just didnt get time to get this into all stores so bear with me pls lol and this is of course included in the 35% off sale which will end at midnight on 31st Oct.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Medical Mayhem Blog Train - FREEBIE

The ladies over at Team Trouble HQ have been busy again, this time we bring you Medical Mayhem Blog Train, 24 awesome desingers have taken part, you'll be spoilt for choice with the many different kits.
Pls remember that not all designers are in the same time zone so if your hopping thru the train and someones part is not yet posted pls check back a little later, also these ladies have been generous to offer all this FREE so pls when you donload leave some love to let them know its appreciated.

Heres the preview of my part

And you can download this from 4shared - HERE.

Now follow the links below and visit all the other stops on the train

College Jacket Template

Another new template just finished and already added to Katelynns Designs store & Scrappin Bratz, am working on getting all items updated at Scraps with Attitude & Dazzling Scraps soon.

This is also included with my sale which is good till 31st Oct and you get a whopping 35% off every single item in my listings, links are over on the right>>>>>>

Hope some of you will find some uses for this one, I left it blank for you to add your own details or sports or whatever lol.

hugs Susan

Winter Hat & Mittens Template

A new template pack added to stores tonight, this one consists of a woolly hat with pom poms and pair of mittens to match, as always templates are on seperate layers to make it easy for you to customise to your liking and colouring, remember templates are tagger size intended and you get psp & psd files included to open in all programs.

This is automatically included in my sale at Katelynns Designs, Scrappin Bratz & Scraps with Attitude stores and is good at 35% off until the 31st Oct, stock up on these winter items and save some $$$.

Links to the stores are over on the right >>>>>>>>

huggs Susan

Reminder - Less than 12 hours to go

Remember tonight at midnight Team Trouble's Medical Mayhem blog train will be leaving the station, less than 12 hours to go here in Scotland till my part will be posted so remember to check back then, theres a total of 24 awesome designers got together to bring you this mix of medical mayhem kits to collect

Heres a sneek peek of my part

Blog Roll will be posted with the download link at midnight tonight so see you then & until then have a fab Sunday everyone

huggs Susan

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Funfair Side Stall Template

Ok I know this ones way off the theme of the seasons lol but its one thats been half finished in my folder for weeks so felt like finishing it off today, just didnt have a lot of mojo and felt like a change lol.
Have explained this one in the preview, you only get the blank template thats shown in greyscale the dartboard, wordart and other bits are not included, this ones more for the imagination lol and cant wait to see what some of you create with this.
So far its available at Scrappin Bratz store, link to the right >>>>>>>
Hope some of you like this one, its in the sale of course :)

bedtime for me now so have a fab night everyone, be safe & take care
hugs Susan

Christmas Bauble Templates preview - in stores later tonight

Just another wee preview of whats going in the stores later tonight, I have one mega headache right now (due to teenagers stress lol) but will be back later to get this and the Christmas kit into the stores.
Hope some of you like these
huggs Susan

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Preview of First Christmas Kit coming soon

Ok I thought i would show the preview for my first Christmas kit, the preview was harder than making the kit lol and think i still have a bit to learn when it comes to previews but here it is anyways..hope some of you like it and it should be ready for the stores before the weekend so there will still be time to enjoy this at the sale price with 35% off till Oct 31st.

Nearly bedtime here so will say G'night everyone, enjoy it and be safe wherever you are in the world. Will be back with a post or two tomorrow.

huggs Susan

Monday, 19 October 2009

Spook Me Circle Wordart - FREEBIE

This is the wordart I made to go with my newest tutorial which can be found on my tut site blog.
Of course it can be used in other sig tags and hope some of you can use it, dont forget to send me the results of your creations, i love seeing what you are all creating.

Download - HERE.

Monday Madness $1.00 Day @ Scrappin Bratz

Today's the day ladies............
Many designers over at Scrappin Bratz have knocked their prices down to just $1.00, cool huh...
Why not take a trip over and check out all the awesome bargains, I also have many cu templates listed at just $1.00 so if your looking for that something different, todays the day to be shopping.
Simply click the add above to go to the store.

Hope you all have a Happy Monday
huggs Susan

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Road Cone & Steering Wheel Templates

Here's the road come & steering wheel template pack which i thought i had previewed the other day lol i guess i missed it, and im in the middle of loading all the weekends new templates to the stores right now, theyre already listed at Katelynns Designs so far, will be in Scrappin Bratz store within the hour lol and unfortunately Scraps with Attitude is down a few days for moving servers so i cant upload the new things to there till we get the all green that the moves finalised but will add these items there asap.

Dont forget you get a 35% saving on ALL my items at Katelynns, Scraps with Attitude & Scrappin Bratz stores right now, so if your looking for the sports themes for the upcoming blog train then nows the time to buy and save.

Links to all stores are as usual over there on the right >>>>>>>>>>>

Hope the weekends been a good one to you all
Huggs Susan

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Baseball Templates

Here's another lil pack that will be in stores over the weekend, this time you get the baseball basics, 3 seperate templates all on individual layers for your own customising and colouring.

Check back soon and it should be in stores...
Ohhhhhh I almost forgot that Scraps with Attitude store is down temporarily for some maintenance so pls be patient and it will be up and running again soon.

Hugs Susan

Stop Watch & Whistle Templates

Oops I guess i got side tracked the past 2 days and forgot all about posting these new previews for cu templates that are ready to go into the stores, i still have to post the speedometer as well to the stores so will try get these listed later today or tomorrow as things are busy at the moment, bear with me lol and check back laters, they should be posted soon.
Have a good weekend everyone and hope you enjoy the few freebies that i posted earlier.

huggs Susan

Tagger Templates 21 - 25 .... FREEBIE

Download - HERE.

Tagger Templates 16 - 20 .... FREEBIE

Download - HERE.

Tagger Templates 11 - 15 .... FREEBIE

Download - HERE.

Tagger Templates 6 - 10 .... FREEBIE

Download - HERE.

Tagger Templates 1 - 5 ....... FREEBIE

Download - HERE.

Dark Pattern Papers - FREEBIE

Another little extra freebie for you all to download, papers are rather dark but should go well for Halloween lol.

Download - HERE.

Friday, 16 October 2009

General Update about my Tagger Templates

I thought about this earlier tonight and think that tomorrow i will post all my tagger templates over here on the scrappin blog as some of you might not have been over the tut blog and snagged them in the past, there's not a whole lot lol but will get round to making some more in the near future, theres so many awesome templates out there as it is and I love using them in tuts i write, Ive been slacking on the tut writing but have added a few new halloween ones this week which you can find HERE.
So be on the lookout tomorrow for the taggers templates available to download from here, I will also be keeping the links open for these on the tut blog too.

Have a fab night everyone its well past my bedtime lol
huggs Susan

Plastic Look Frames - FREEBIE

Well tonight I was playing around in psp and came up with these plastic look frames, I also wrote a tut today which im about to post on my tutorial blog and decided to use one of the frames in the tut so hope some of you will be able to use in your pu projects as well as trying the tut.
Anyways its free and its up for grabbing lol so happy downloading and pls remember to leave some love at 4shared or here in the cbot cuz its good to know the freebies are appreciated.

Download - HERE.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Speedometer Template

One to start with today, this essential speedometer for the racing themes, gotta say i was quite happy with how this one turned out so hope some of you find it useful.
Will be zipping up and loading to the stores a bit later today as im running around like a headless chicken at the moment and have tons to do offline.
Will let you all know when its available in the stores later tonight along with another couple of new things hopefully.

Have a great day everyone
hugs Susan

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Podium & Medallion Templates

Good news lol ... Ive stayed up and got the templates loaded to Katelynns Designs & Scraps with Attitude so far along with this other pack of 2 which I just finished up.
Am not sure how long I will be up tonight but going to try get these loaded to Scrappin Bratz before bed but if not i will deffo do that first thing in the morning.

Have a good night everyone
huggs Susan

Cheerleading Templates

This set of 2 cheerleading templates will be in stores first thing tmw along with the ice skating boots, just incase im too tired after this bath lol.

Both templates are layered for easy customising and should come in handy for the sporting themes .

hugs Susan

Ice Skating Boots Template

Ok heres a preview of the newest template heading into the stores first thing tomorrow if not tonight, am just heading into a nice hot bath so if i dont fall asleep in there ill be listingin a bit lol.

Hope some of you will be able to use this one, again like the walking boot theres just the one template but easily merged and duplicated to make the pair once customised and coloured.

huggs Susan

New Sale Announcement

Good Morning Everyone and hope the weeks being good to you all, again I've had a busy old one, things never seem to stop these days and Im always on the go lol.

Okkies I wanna let you all know that my Oct sale has started and from today till end of the month you can save 35% on ALL my products in all stores listed in the Ad above, sorry sale isnt effective in Dazzling Scraps cuz I didnt have everything loaded to there yet but will make up for it when i get everything sorted there.

Hope you enjoy the savings and as always all new templates I create during the sale period will automatically be added with the 35% saving.

Happy Shopping
huggs Susan

Trophy Cup Template

Lol well i figured that no sport is complete unless you have the winning trophy cup at the end so hope this one will be useful for you all, I left off the text so you can add your own wording etc and personalise to your liking.

Links to the stores are HERE HERE & HERE.
Sorry wont be available in Dazzling Scraps till nearer the weekend.

Badminton Template

Here is the badminton reacket & shuttlecock templates, the net could quite easily be used with this one, am still working on new templates so bear with me they will be added daily an if anyone has a sports theme in mind that you dont see here the just holler at me in email and i will see what i can work on for you.

Links to the stores are HERE HERE & HERE.
Sorry wont be available in Dazzling Scraps till nearer the weekend.

Sports Net & Ball Template

This one could be used as a sports net for many different sports so wasnt sure what to call it lol, have thrown in a ball template with this one and hope some of you can use it for the sports themed kits etc.

Links to the stores are HERE HERE & HERE.
Sorry wont be available in Dazzling Scraps till nearer the weekend.

Mini Trampoline Template

Feeling energetic lol, this cute lil mini trampoline template is one of the new additions in my stores from today, this was an idea put to me from a friend so hope its useful.

Links to the stores are HERE HERE & HERE.
Sorry wont be available in Dazzling Scraps till nearer the weekend.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Artists Palette & Brush Templates

You cant have an artists easel without a palette and paintbrush i was told lol so here it is for anyone that can use it, its just loaded into the stores today, again sorry not available at dazzling scraps just yet but will be by the weekend, all other store links are on the right >>>>>>>

Hope you like todays additions and stay tuned for an upcoming sale from me :)

huggs Susan

American Footie Templates

Yet more in the sports series, I am getting a fair few requests for sports themes and will be posting more in the coming weeks as well any other requests i get.
This pack has just been loaded to Katelynns Designs, Scrappin Bratz and Scraps with Attitude today.

Watch this space for an upcoming sale to be announced very soon.
huggs Susan

Cricket Templates

More new templates for the sports series, added to the stores today except dazzling scraps sorryand should be available there before the weekend, as always the store links are over on the right >>>>>> simply click the store blinkie you wish to shop at.

See Saw Template

A see saw for the playground/backyard kiddies themes, hope this is useful to some of you and its just loaded to the stores today.All links to the stores can be found by clicking the store blinkies on the right over there >>>>>>>>>> i have fixed the bandwitdh thinghy for now lol.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Puppet on a String Template

Cute n fun puppet on a string template is now available in Scraps with Attitude store with a huge 40% saving until midnight tonight, will also be available in my other stores tomorrow.
Hope some of you can use this one in your kits etc.
Click the store blinkie on the right to go to the store >>>>>>>>

Hope you all had a good weekend and I will be back with more for you tomorrow .
Hugs Susan

Walking Boots Template

Walking boots template for these great outdoors lol could be useful for lots though.
You get one template which is easily merged and then duplicated once customised to make the pair, so you can position the boots to any way you like.
Available in Scraps with Attitude today and will be available in my other stores tomorrow.

Christmas Candle Decoration Template

One for the christmas collection Id forgot to post, now available in Scraps with Attitude and 40% of until midnight tonight along with ALL my listings there.
Link to the store can be found by clicking the store blinkie on the right >>>>>>.
Will be available in my other stores tomorrow.

Artists Easel Template

Newly uploaded to Scraps with Attitude store today and will be available in all my other stores by tomorrow, link to the store is over on the right>>>>>> just click the blinkie to start shopping.
More in the artist collection coming soon.

Swing Template

Cute childrens playground/backyard swing template.
Now available in Scraps with Attitude and included in my 40% sale this weekend, sale is still good till midnight tonight.
Will be available in my other stores tomorrow.

Footie Pitch & Ball Template (ptu)

Latest template added to Scraps with Attitude today, remember theres a 40% saving on all my items until midnight tonight so this will be included in the sale.
A few more still to post tonight but all will be available in my other stores tomorrow.
Hope this is useful to some for the sporty themed kits.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

7 Days - Day 7 (pt2) ... Freebie

Download - HERE.

Pls remember these teddies are for pu only.

Scraps With Attitude Weekend Sale Reminder

Dont forget to stop by Scraps with Attitude store this weekend for huge mega savings on tons of items from many different designers...
All my listings are marked down 40%, as well as the scrap kits i have over 100 cu templates in lots of different themes so if youve been looking for that something a lil different why not pop over and check it all out.

Simply click the picture to go to the store and start shopping.

huggs Susan

7 Days - Day 7 ...Freebie

Download - HERE.

Be sure to check back later today as I have another couple of freebies for you all to finish off the 7 days, hope you all enjoyed the freebies and thanks to those who have left thank you comments they are very much appreciated.
Hope the weekend is good to you all too, see you later today for the other freebies ;).
huggs Susan.

Friday, 9 October 2009

New Store & Sale Announcement

Morning everyone hope all is well, just wanted to let you all know some good news...

Missy over at Scraps with Attitude has kindly invited me over to join the store and im happy to say i accepted yayyyy. It's an honour to be asked, thank you Missy.

Ive added the store blinkie over there on the right >>>> which should take you directly to the SWA store.

Yst i spent almost the whole day getting everything set up over there so now i've fully moved in without any hitches hehehe and best news of all is i've joined right at the start of the MEGA sale they are having over there........
You guessed it lol, yep EVERYTHING in my listings is on sale at 40% off for the weekend so why not take a wee trip over and have a browse, theres lots of designers taking part so theres plenty of good sales to be had. I will be posting an ad for the sale very shortly and have another few templates to add to all stores sometime this weekend so watch this space lol.

Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead and happy shopping in the sales lol.
Huggs Susan.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

7 Days - Day 6 ... FREEBIE

Download - HERE

7 Days - Day 5 (pt2) ...FREEBIE

Download - HERE