Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Cute Polar Bear Template

Also added this one to the stores today, this was one of the first animal templates i made and totally loved how the finished one turned out, hope some of you like it too lol

huggs Susan

Cute Lion Template

Available in all my stores today and its the last day of my March sale, save 35% until midnight tonight, store links are on the right . >>>>>>>
Hopefully i will get another couple listed before bedtime and hope your enjoying the animals

huggs Susan

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cute Crocodile Template

my 3rd zoo animal template loaded and listed in all stores today, a snappy croc lol, hope you like it

huggs Susan

Cute Kangaroo Template

Just listed this one to all my stores today too, hope you like and its in the sale at 35%, all store links are on the right over there >>>>

ps still nothing new at Dazzling Scraps at the moment but will let you all know when the stores up and running again

huggs Susan

Cute Panda Template

Good afternoon everyone and hope the weeks off to a good start for you all.. some of you that over the past few weeks ive been busy filling requests for some zoo animal templates, they are not the easiest of templates to do (well not for me anyways lolll) but i did my best and hope theyre of interest to some of you out there, today ive uploaded and listed a few & the panda above is the first i have for you today.

all my store links are over on the right >>>>> if you like what you see then simply click the store blinkie to start shopping, theres only today and tmw left of my March sale which is 35% off EVERYTHING in my stores...

Huggs Susan

Monday, 29 March 2010

Sneek Peek - Addicted to Rac Collab @ J4T

Heres a sneek peek of my part of Addicted to Rac collab kit which becomes available only at Just 4 Taggers on April 1st, many designers have taken part to bring you one totally awesome bunch of kits, willhave more details on this as soon as but wanted to show ya my part in advance so hope you like :)
Details will follow soon

huggs Susan

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Rabbit & Swan Templates

Yikes i knew id forgotten one lol so here it is and its in stores today too, hope you like ... i was pleased with the swan specially :)

huggs Susan

Fish Tank Template

Lol well we cant have fish without a tank can we ?
Its listed in all my stores today ladies and hope you like, please note tho that the fish are not included with this but are available seperately in my store listings

Sve 35% too till end of the month :))

huggs Susan

Fish Templates

Listed in all my stores today heres the fishies lol, cute n colourful and of course fully layered for you to colour as you wish.

Store links all over on the right >>>>
Hope you like them

huggs Susan

Make Up Set Template

Another request completed and listed in all my stores today so hope its useful lol...

Watch this space for a load of new things in the coming week too, still have a couple to post today tho

Huggs susan

Garlic Peppers & Carrot Template

Okkies this one was started months ago when i was doing all the yummy stuff lol, then last weekend a request from a fellow designer promted me to get this finished and into the stores, sooo as from today they are listed in all my stores lol.

hope ya like it Laura :))

huggs Susan

Groovy License Plate Template

Heres a pack of groovy license plates with some different phrases, theres 6in all and they are loaded into all my stores today, dont forget that my March sale is nearing its end so if you wanna take advantage and save some $$$ nows the time lol.

Store links on the right over there >>>>>>> ps remember tho that Dazzling Scraps is outta action for the time being

Happy Saturday everyone
Huggs Susan

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Retro Newtons Cradle Template

2nd new store listing is this fab newtons cradle which should jog a few memories hehe, loved mine back in the day when i owned one, when i was clearing out here the other day i came across a photo and the cradle was in the background so my mind went ohhhhh lol i could do one of these soo here it is, thought it would go good with the older and retro style kits

huggs Susan

Retro 70s Starburst Clock Template

Heres the template that went into all my stores yst (pls note that Dazzling Scraps store is still down so no new listings there yet)

You will find that this is marked down the 35% in my March sale so hope some of you take advantage of the savings, store links are on the right >>>>>>>>

huggs Susan

Its been too long lol

Jings has it really been days since i posted here... cant believe it was Sunday lol, am falling behind with my postings with getting things done here at home, living room should be finished by the weekend so i can get some extra online time hehe

Have a load of templates ready for the stores and will be putting together a huge mega bundle for the theme so watch this space for these coming in the next week yayyyyyy

Anyways i will post a couple of previews for templates that went in the stores yst and today

Back soon with these
huggs susan

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bundled Cute Critters Template Pack - Exclusive to Scrappetizing

Jings lol i found this preview that id made last weekend and mustve forgot all about loading it to Scrappetizing, (cuz thats the only store you will find my bundled packs)....

Ive now loaded this to the store and its available today, you can save almost half price on this pack in March. Individual selling prices are just over $13.00 and with my march sale of 35% you can get the lot for just $7.15 ...

Hope the weekends been going good to you all, im recoving slightly from my friends 40th birthday party last night which was a really good night and i enjoyed even more cuz id not been out in a few weeks lol

Have a fab sunday everyone and i may be back later with some new overlays packs but need to go to do some grocery shopping first grrrrrrrrrr something i dont really enjoy lollllllll

huggs Susan

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bundled Overlays Pack (11-20) - Exclusive only @ Scrappetizing

Another exclusive to Scrappetizing just added to stores today, 10 zips in this pack and its overlays packs 11 thru to 20, massive saving when you purchase the bundle
Store link is over on the right >>>>>>>>>>>> also remember the 35% sale price is god on this pack too for the month of March

huggs Susan

Bundled Farm Templates Pack - Exclusive to Scrappetizing

New bundled pack as requested from a friend, only available at Scrappetizing tho ladies, hope this appeals to some of you and saves you a few $$$ more

Store link can be found over on the right >>>>>>>>
Anddddddd for March sale of 35% off i have included this pack in the saleso you really are saving a bit :))

huggs Susan

Headphones & Microphone Templates

Added to all my stores today, hope this is useful to some of you out there.
Store links are on the right and the 35% sale is still up and running in all my stores, hope you stop by for a browse and see something you like, sale price is good on ALL my items

Huggs Susan

CU Platform Boots

Now available in all my stores from today, this pack comes with 8 pairs of groovy platform boots in 4 different colours and 2 different designs, hope some of you like these

huggs Susan

CU Fur Waistcoats

Happy Satuday everyone and hope its a good one for you all, the weathers not too bad here and im having a pretty relaxing day before going to my friends 40th birthday bash tonight, looking forward to that hehe

Anyways heres the new cu pack added to all my store this morning, 9 different coloured groovy fur waistcoats, i own one just like this believe it or not lollllllll

Store links are all over on the right as always and not sure whats up at dazzling scraps but cant get into the store this morning to add so sorry that its not listed there yet, will do this as soon as the problems sorted

huggs Susan

Friday, 19 March 2010

Groovy Platform Sandals Template

New template from me was added to all my stores yesterday and as usual i get disctracted and forgot to post the preview for you all here .. sorry lol.
Looks like these are a hit already as i see some sales for them... thank you ladies :)

All store links are on the right as always so pls stop by and have a browse, lots of new items added this week and all with 35% off

have a fab Friday night everyone, am sat here waiting for my hair dye to colour ........ i thought id try a new shade and this time its red and i mean RED lmao its as vibrant as it gets mind you my hair was this colour a few years ago with blonde on the top, this time its RED all over lollllllll

huggs Susan

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cute Piggie Template

And heres a cute lil piggie to go in the farm too lol, its uploaded to all my stores today and hope you like

huggs Susan

Cute Sheep Template

Heres a cute lil fluffy sheep to go with the farm things, hope some of you can put it to good use in your kits....its listed in all my stores today and included in the 35% saving for my March Sales, store links are on the right >>>>

Have a good day everyone
huggs Susan

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cute Daisy Cow Template

and heres a cutesy daisy cow template now added to all my stores this morning,hope you like :)).

huggs Susan

Hen, Chicks & Feed Templates

Newly added to all my stores today, this pack contains 4 seperate template, all layered (cept the feed) you can find the store links on the right over there >>>>>>
Hope some of you find a use for this one

huggs Susan

Barnyard Building CU Template

A fun farm building for this one, i had a request to do this and some animals so they will be following soon, this templates available in all my stores today, hope youll stop by for a browse in the stores and all my listings are still marked at 35% off yayyyyyyyy

huggs Susan

CU Happy Faces Elements Pack

20 brightly coloured happy face critter & flower elements in this pack which is available in all my stores today, hope you like the colours i choose for these and they have many many uses for your kits/tags.

All store links to the right over there >>>>>>> and 35% off ALL listings in ALL stores for my March Sales,

hope the day is good to you all, mines busy as always and i have a docs appt later in the day so will be gone a while for that, parents home from holidays tonight too so will be out to see how they got on lol

have a good day everyone
huggs Susan

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Groovy Platform Boots Template

Im stretching my pc time as far as i can before the plasterer arrives lol so added this new templates while im waiting , hope some of you like these, theyre deffo my kinda thing hehe, just love the groovy stuff and i had a pair of these around 20 years ago lollll.

In all stores now and yeppers 35% off the price too in my march sales which is good in all stores :)

Links to the stores can be found over there on the right >>>>>>>>>>

ok ok im off this time lol but will be back with the cu mix pack tonight

huggs susan

Bold Mix Papers Part 3

3rd and final bold mix paper pack added today to all my stores, marked down 35% in my March sales in ALL stores :))
Hope some of you find these useful and would love to see any creations you come up with from them,

I hope to be back with another couple of listings later today, once plastering is done and dinner is past ohhhh then avon delivering done .. whew by then it may be near bedtime lol but i do hope to get back today lol.

I have a fab pair of groovy platform boots template(a blast from the past lol) also a cute springy summery cu mixed pack ready to list in stores so watch this space for more coming later :)

huggs Susan

Bold Mix Papers Part 2

Added to the stores today.. part 2 of my bold collection of papers, hope you like these ones and all the usual applies :)

Rushing as the plasterer will be here to re plaster the wall for me soon yayyyy am getting there with the living room decorating lol

huggs Susan

Bold Mix Papers Part 1

Happy mothers Day to all in the UK today :)
hope its a good one for you all and u get pampered hehe

Okkies this is the first bold paper pack added to the stores today, its darker but kinda liked how they turned out and who knows lol who will be able to create some fab designs with these, remember theyre cool to use for poser clothing fills too, ive seen some fab cuties these designers create and is awesome to see the papers going to good uses :)) so thanks ladies

Store links are on the right >>>> and theyre 35% off in my March sales in ALL my stores
Thanks for looking

huggs Susan

Friday, 12 March 2010

CU Cute Colourful Cars

7 cute cars in this pack and its in stores today, save 35% on the pack during the month of March and if your shopping at just 4 Taggers this week its on sale at 50% woohooo lol

hope you all like these, i thought they were kinda cute

huggs susan

CU Dotty Corsets

Morning all and today ive just listed this pack of corsets, so thats 3 packs with different designs available now.
hope theyre useful to some of you out there and they can be found in all my stores with a saving of 35% off.

hope you all have a good Friday, Im going to be a busy bee yet again with this living room lol
huggs Susan

Thursday, 11 March 2010

CU Lace Corsets

And heres the 2nd pack of corsets added to the stores today, this pack is a lacy floral design and again has the fluffy edging, i kinda like how these one turned out too :))

You know where the store links are lol

huggs Susan

CU Velvet Corsets

Added these to the stores today, they have a velvety look and fluffy edges and come in 6 different colours, I had a request for these but wasnt sure which design to use for them so theres another 2 packs in different designs on the way ...
Store links are over on the right >>>>>>>>
March Sale in all stores is 35% off and for a few days Just 4 Taggers has a store wide sale running so its 505 off there until the 15th March

Huggs Susan

Bundled CU Easter items Pack - Exclusive at Scrappetizing

Opps i near forgot this pack preview....

Another exclusive to Scrappetizing, put together so you can save $$$$. Theres 6 zips in the download for all the items shown in the preview, store links to the right >>>>>>>>. Hope these are useful to you ladies.

Individual selling prices ...$15.00
Bundled Pack Price .... $12.00
Saving ... $3.00

March Sale 35% off so bundled pack price for March is just $7.80, almost half price :))

okkies deffo back to the painting for me now lol

huggs susan

Bundled Overlays Pack (1-10) - Exclusive @ Scrappetizing

Heres something some of you been asking for, a bundled pack of my first 10 overlay packs, 10 zips in the download bringing you over 60 overlays, please note that these packs are earlier listings and therefore the older size of 800x800 (my new packs are now 900x900 and suitable for poser clothing textures and gradients...

Okkies this is another mega saving for you all, individual selling price is $20.00 and bundled pack special price is $16.50, take advantage at Scrappetizing and you can own the whole bundle for just $10.75 so again the packs bring you massive savings.

Right lol back to the paintwork for me :(

huggs Susan

Overlays Pack 22

2nd pack of overlays loaded to the stores this morning in between my painting lol.
hope some of you like this pack and store links are all over on the right >>>>>
35% savings during March on ALL my listings and also if your shopping at Just 4 Taggers today theres a storewide 50% sale on everything, this is good for a couple of days yet so hope you drop in for a browse

huggs Susan

Overlays Pack 21

Today i listed a couple of overlay packs to the stores, hope some of you find a use for them and theyre included in my March sale which is currently 35% off normal selling price :))

Busy as ever today, am painting woodwork around windows and skirting, this is the kinda painting i dont like doing lol but its gotta be done.

Hope the days going good for you ladies and everyones keeping well

huggs Susan

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bundled Colours Paper Mix - Exclusive @ Scrappetizing

Exclusive only at Scrappetizing you can get All 8 colours paper packs for a totally outstanding knockdown price of just $6.50 for the lot...
Saving is a plenty on this product in March as its individual value is $16.00 then you get a bundled saving of $6.00 off andddddddd 35% saving on that price at Scrappetizing only, meaning you get the lot for $6.50... an offer you cant let pass yu by if your needing some bright new papers hehe

right lol wish me luck cuz im off to the dentist :(

huggs Susan

Monday, 8 March 2010

Summer Sorbet Papers Mix

Soft shades in this pack, summery too (i wish summer was here lol)
loaded to all my stores tonight and save 35% along with all my other entire listings in the stores

okkies ladies thats me previewed all 8 packs and ready to hit the sack so hope you all have a good night and i will be back with more item previews tmw night, wont be around most of tmw have dentist then hospital in Edinburgh so will catch up when i get home if im not half asleep lol


Strawberry Dream Papers Mix

This ones pretty bold and like the way it turned out, hope some of you like it too lol, loaded to all my stores tonight and links are on the right,

huggs Susan

Powder Blues Papers Mix

And the blues pack lol, uploaded to all my stores now ... a wee note that there will a bundled pack of all 8 of these paper packs available only at Scrappetizing and its also marked down by 35% meaning you get over 120 papers for just $6.50 which is a massive saving :)) Check it out at Scrappetizing (simply click the store link on the right>>>>>)

huggs Susan

Pink Wink Papers Mix

And here is the pink set lol its available in all my stores tonight, save 35% too remember and hope some of you like these packs, i had fun putting them together

huggs Susan

Parma Violets Paper Mix

Another in the colour collection, you get the purples this time or rather i called them parma violet lol as it reminded me of sugary sweets we used to get years ago here.
Listed in all stores tonight and of course included with my March sale which is 35% off ALL my listings

huggs Susan

Nice 'n' Dainty Papers Mix

Light choices for this pack but thought it turned out not too badly, simple and dainty and could be used for almost any occasion, its loaded to all my stores tonight so why not drop by and have a browse at all my new packs :))

huggs Susan

Lemon 'n Lime Papers Mix

Heres the 2nd in the colours collection of papers for you, loaded to the stores tonight and hope its of use to some of you :))

huggs Susan

Juicy Luicy Papers Mix

Okkies ladies sorry i been so quiet the last couple of days, i been busy stripping the living room as some of you know and when i did get time to sit an play in psp i decided to put these paper packs together for anyone that might like them.

First pack is the preview above, this is the biggest pack in this set of 8, now loaded to all my stores tonight, you all know where the links are :)) ....>>>>>

hope everyone had a good monday (tuesday here now lol and i should be in bed)


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Chocolate Easter Eggs - FREEBIE

Okkies its been AGESSSSS since i gave you all a freebie (sorry for that) ive been exceptionally busy with things everywhere since the year began lol....

Nothing spectacular with this freebie but thought id offer it anyways and hope some of you can use it, freebies are usually pu only from me but this one is cu/pu so you can use as you like :))

A thank you is always welcome :))


huggs Susan

Overlay Pack 20 - Simple Mix

3rd and last overlay pack for today just added to all stores (links on the right >>>)
Hope some of you will like this pack, i thought it was nice n simple and quite summery lol

Hope to get back later to post some cu packs for you all, will see how i go with the wallpaper tho, i need a steamer cuz its not for coming off very easy without one grrrrrrrrrrr

huggs Susan