Thursday, 24 June 2010

Miss Sporty Cookie (set 6)

Last in this collection of sporty cookies, shes dressed in her pinks and ready for workout, added to stores this morning i hope she is useful to some of you, priced at 50% off for the month of June so theres still time for savings, store links over on the right as always >>>>>>>>>
Be sure to check out all my other items in store as EVERYTHING is half price and many $1.00 bargains on offer :))

hope you all have a fab day ahead, am off out very soon so catch you all laters

huggs Susan

Miss Sporty Cookie (set 5)

okkies ladies heres miss sporty in greens, one more set to preview for this collection, hope one of the colours suit your kits :)

huggs Susan

Miss Sporty Cookie (set 4)

Miss Sporty set 4 now avaiable in the stores, this time shes keeping fit in lemons and brown, hope she catches your eye and is useful for these fitness themed kits....

As always links on the right and shes on sale at 50% off...

huggs Susan

Miss Sporty Cookie (set 3)

morning all, hope the weeks been good to you, our weathers continued to be fab so i have been out enjoying while it lasts lol....
Have added the rest of my miss Sporty cookies to the stores this morning,hope some of you like them :) this is set 3 in the collection and shes dressed in her red keep fit outfit here, shes now in all stores which you can find the links over on the right, she is also going at 50% off till end of the month...

huggs Susan

Monday, 21 June 2010

Miss Sporty Cookie (set2)

Heres set 2 of the sporty cookies available in all stores now, this time shes dressed in her blue keep fit outfit....

Hope some of you like these ones :))

huggs Susan

Miss Sporty Cookie (set 1)

wow has it really been a week since ive posted on here, sorry for the delay, things been busy as ever at home and the weathers been great so spent a lot of time outside but finally this morning ive been getting some things up to date with the stores...

Set 1 of my sporty cookies now available in all my stores, shes 50% off and this sets in purples, have a few more of these coming so to suit everyones colour schemes, hope you like these and find them useful for your kits/tags....

store links on the right as always ladies >>>>>>

Have a great monday to all
huggs Susan

Monday, 14 June 2010

CU Wooden Guitar Pack

If you like musical things your sure to like these guitars in good old fashioned wooden style, the festival season has arrived 50% on these till the end of the month, dont forget to check out all my listings in stores and stock up with mega savings...

Okkies thats all for just now, its a gorgeous day outside and I'm off to enjoy the sunshine while its here lol.

huggs susan


2nd cu pack in stores today and with 50% savings its going for just $1.00 this month and sure to be a winner for these summertime themed kits, links to the stores are over there >>>>
hope some of you find these packs useful.

huggs Susan

CU Taxi/Cab Pack

just added to all my stores this morning...
Ready made cu pack of my taxi/cab template for those of you who prefer this to the templates, please be aware that these are not allowed for CU4CU sorry.

Store links are on the right as always >>>> and the 50% off everything in my listings is still going good till the end of the month.

Happy monday everyone
huggs Susan

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Born in the USA Cookie (set 4)

4th and final set of Born in the USA available in all my stores now, links to the stores are on the right and you get 50% off this one too as well as everything in my stores for the rest of the month,

Have some new CU packs made and hope to have these in store before the weekend too ...

Okkies thats me all posted to date for just now, I need to make a trip to the shops see if i can get a new pair of black trousers for a funeral on Friday and some Tshirt transfer paper as im designing a Tshirt for my local band (yikes lol) so hope i do it some justice hehe

have a fab day to everyone and hope your weathers better than the wintery day we having over here

huggs Susan

Born in the USA Cookie (set 3)

set number 3 now added to all stores, hope you like these cuties.

Huggs Susan

Born in the USA Cookie (set 2)

okkies ladies here is set 2 of born in the USA, same poses but different colours, available in all my store now
50% off everything this month remember :))

huggs Susan

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Born in the USA Cookie (set 1)

Made this towards end of last week but due to some unfortunate news so am just getting around to posting today, its available in all my stores now with the 50% sale price means you get the set for just $1.13, good eh :))
Store links are on the right >>>>

Coming in a few is the other 3 sets of the Babes in the USA so hope some of you like these ...

huggs Susan

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Overlays Pack 26

Heres the 2nd set of overlays ive added today, again its available at Scrappetizing and Scrappin with Friends, i will get these loaded to the other stores later on once the washings all hung out and my sunbathing is done hehe

Have a good day everyone and hope the suns shining where you are too.

huggs Susan

Overlays Pack 25

Another overlay pack added today, so far its available in Scrappin with Friends & Scrappetizing but will be in all my other stores hopefully by end of the day, am going to sit outside and enjoy the weather for a while today tho its way too nice to be stuck indoors lol

Store links for the overlays are on the right as always and dont forget you save a whopping 50% on these so just $1.00 per pack theyre well worth the money

Another pack preview coming right up along with 4 USA Cookie sets, yep i sure have been busy this week :)

huggs Susan

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Miss USA Cookie (set 4)

Hope your enjoying these cuties in the red, white and blue colours, perfect for the 4th July kits methinks, theyre available at Scrappetizing right now and on sale along with EVERYTHING else in my listings :))

Thats me all posted for tonight and heading straight to bed now so have a fab night everyone and happy shopping, will be back in the morning with some more goodies ...

huggs & niters

Miss USA Cookie (set 3)

and here is set number 3 of the Miss USA cookies in her stripey bikini lol
again on sale at 50% off :)) promise they will be in all other stores tomorrow as i need my beauty sleep lol.

huggs Susan

Miss USA Cookie (set 2)

The 2nd set of Miss USA Cookies for you tonight :))
hope you like these ones too lol

50% off all this month too so a good time for shopping hehe, again this set is only in Scrappetizing tonight and will be in all 4 other stores first thing tomorrow.

huggs Susan

Miss USA Cookie (set 1)

Evening ladies, its way late here for me and since i was feeling much better i was out all afternoon at Edinburgh, had a lovely day and mean at Frankie & Bennies (yummm lol), really wanted to get the USA Cookies into all the stores before bed but since its so late ive only managed to get them added to Scrappetizing for tonight and promise they will be available in all my other store first thing in the morning, which is about 7 hours time from now lol...

you can get to the store from the link on the right over there >>>
hope some of you will like these and use them for the 4th July themed kits :))

got another 3 sets coming right now and all 4 sets are already in Scrappetizing now.

huggs Susan

Overlays Pack 24

And here is overlay pack number 24 now available in all my stores from yesterday, simply click on the links over there on the right to visit the stores >>>>>>>

dont forget to check out the most awesome grab bag ive ever seen which is on sale for just $4.00 at Scrappetizing, its for a fab cause and every little helps, its totally massive and you deffo wont be dissapointed :))

huggs Susan

Overlays Pack 23

Another set of overlays, long overdue for listing lol theyve been ready along with the paper packs since around February, i guess i just had so many other things in the works that i never got around to putting these in the stores, now available tho in all my stores (links to the right)
hope some of you will like these and be able to put them to use in your kits and projects.

All overlay packs in my listings are priced down to just $1.00 per pack for the whole month of june too so not a bad saving for you :))

I've got another set to preview today then hopefully I'm off to Edinburgh for one of our weekly walkabouts, also planning on going to book out tickets for the Edinburgh Dungeon which we are visiting nearer the end of the month with some friends, it will be a guid laugh lollllllll

have a fab day to you all
huggs Susan

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Independance Day Mega mix Paper Pack 2

And heres set 2 of these papers for July 4th celebrations, now available in all my stores, you get them for just $1.00 in the June sale so hope some of you will take advantage of the mega packs with mega savings.

Off to upload a few more items that are cluttering up my folders now lol

have a fab day everyone and take care
huggs Susan

Independance Day Mega mix Paper Pack 1

jings these have been made since February and was waiting till nearer the time to list lol, any later and it would prolly be too late for them, so with a month to go till you all in the States celebrate here is the first pack of red, white and blue themed papers for you, these were made before i upped the size of my papers so theyre 800x800 in size with 26 papers in the pack, hope theyre of some use to you and are available in all my stores today, just $1.00 for the pack, store links to the right as always and be sure to check out all my listings while your there you never know you might find a few more essentials that youve been looking for lol.

huggs susan

Trendy Beach Babe Cookie (set 5)

Okkies heres set number 5 in the trendy beach babe collection, i may still add a few more in different colours but for now these should do lol

Remeber i intend to have 50% off everything in my stores for the whole of this month so its a great time for savings

huggs Susan

Trendy Beach Babe Cookie (set 4)

Trendy beach babe set 4 is now in all my stores and hopefully by the end of today my June sale will be set (50% off Everything)
hope some of you will like the bikini cookies and use them for your summer themed kits

Store links are on the right as always :))

huggs Susan

General Update

Morning everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently and over the weekend but i had a scare and wasnt feeling well so slept most of the weekend other than being at all started Friday night when i had a lil red mark on my arm, looked like an insect bite then during the night i was itchy as hell but didnt think any more of it till i got up in the morning, i was covered from head to toe in huge red puffy blotches, went to A&E at hospital where i got checked out and appears to have been a severe allergic reaction to the bite (is the only thing that we can think of), i had to see a couple of doctors who then gave me anti hestamine tablets to take to relieve the itching, then in the afternoon i saw another doctor who prescibed steroid tablets to help the blothes on my body, the pills helped but on Saturday night my face was swollen and sore as hell, boy was i scared and almost ready to go back to hospital, however on sunday morning the swelling had went down a little and as the day went on it continued to go down but its taken till this morning for me to look somewhat normal again, i was like something from the rocky horror show lol (can laugh now but not at the time) it was scary and hope i never go through that again..

anyways enough of my problems lol, i have a load of items ready for the stores and have started uploading now so will be posting some previews very soon

hope you all had a good weekend, ohhhh i did manage to see my fav band play in the town centre, thankfully before my face was really bad so am grateful to that lol, theyre great and i never miss a chance to see them play hehe

huggs Susan