Tuesday, 27 July 2010

CU Cake Stop Pack

CU pack of yum yum cakes now available in all my stores with the 50% saving intact :)

links to all stores are over on the right >>>>

huggs Susan

CU USA License Plate Pack

Added yesterday this pack of USA License Plates may be useful for your kits/tags...

Still on the 50% saving until further notice so hope you take advantage of the huge savings :)

huggs susan

CU Racing Helmet Pack

From my cu templates again, this bright n colourful set of racing helmets comes in 6 colours to suit for your tags/kits....

Included in the 50% off sale along with all my other listings its a bargain you simply dont want to miss...

Store links are on the right over there >>>>

huggs susan

CU Pram Pack

Another added this month is this colourful set of prams, can be used for babies or dolls prams whichever takes your fancy....

Just please remember all my CU packs are NOT permitted for CU4CU use and there should be a license available next month for this for those of you who are interested in using for this purpose.

Huggs Susan

CU Kids Bicycle Pack

Also added this month was this snappy lil pack of kids bicycles, 6 pretty colours included which i hope some of you like...
50% off normal selling price until further notice and links to the stores are over on the right there >>>>

Huggs Susan

CU Make Up Items Pack

This pack is crammed with colourful make up items, you get 25 items in all and a must for these girly kits, still at 50% off original price so snap it up while you can :)

Hope some of you will find these useful and you can get to my stores by clicking the links over on the right >>>>>

Please remember these CU packs are not permitted for CU4CU use, sorry

Huggs Susan

CU Parasol & Table Pack

Set of 9 coloured parasol & tables attached in this pack with 50% off original prices hope some of you will like this one for the summer kits & tags.
You can find these in all my stores listed over on the right >>>>
Be sure to check out the other half price savings while your there, this sale will continue until further notice.

Huggs Susan

CU Tammy Hats Pack

Another pack that was added this month is these colourful Tammy Hats, again they are priced at 50% off original prices until further notice, hope some of you can use these.
Store links over on the right >>>>>>

huggs Susan

CU Platform Sandals Pack

Sorry for the lack of posting this month ladies, its been one truly hectic month for me and my designing mojo seems to have flown the nest with everything thats been going on here at home but these packs have been ready for a while and I'm just trying to catch up with getting them previewed on here for you all....
Newly added this month, available in all my stores which you can get to by clicking the links over on the right >>>>
on sale at 50% off until further notice, hope some of you will like these, please note they are NOT CU4CU use though, sorry.

huggs Susan