Monday, 31 January 2011

Gothy Valentine Cookie

Shes trendy, shes punky and shes your gothy cookie for valentine's day, will look good in the darker themed valentines projects with her red n black outfit and gothy look she will sure stand out in a crowd :-)

Valentine Messenger Cookie

Cute and cool, just in time for these valentine projects, cookie is dressed as a lil messenger girl and she is in stores now :-)

Pink Princess Cookie

Adorable pink princess style cookie now in stores, check out the savings when you are there as many bargains to be had :-)

CU4CU License

Finally .. here is my cu4cu license, in the past many of you have asked me about this, its a one time purchase to enable you to use my cu items for cu4cu, all details are enclosed in the zip file you get, its available inscrappetizing now at a special price of just $15.00 introductory offer so for those of you who were after this why not take yourselves over to the store and grab it today, any further questions on the license can be emailed to me privately and i will help all i can :-)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bella Fae Cookie - set 3

Gorgeous in gold for the bella fae cookie pack 3 and in stores today :-)

Bella Fae Cookie - set 2

Showing set 2 in the Bella Fae Cookie collections, now available in my stores :-)

Bella Fae Cookie - set 1

First in a set of 3 adorable little fae cookies, she is in her red/blues kit for this pack and comes in different shades with pack 2 & 3 (available seperate) all 3 packs are available in all my stores today so why not pop round the stores and have a browse, hope you like what you see :-)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Multi Mix Paper Pack

This pack contains 20 jpeg files of multi colours papers & its available in the stores now :-)

New Mix Paper Pack

Heres another of the paper packs that cropped up on my external drive and have added to stores :-)

New Colour n Glow Paper Pack

Okkies its been a while since i added any paper packs and just found a few that were made before the pc crash a few months ago luckily they were saved on my external but inside another folder that i hadnt looked in till yst lol
You can find the packs in the stores and if you like them theyre going at 30% for the next week, links to the stores are on the right as always :-)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Cute Cupid Cookie

Just in time for Valentines Day, cookie as cupid in a delightful lil cupid outfit and shes arrived in all my stores now, as always with new creations she is on sale so dont delay and go shopping today :-)

Cheerleader Cookie set 1

Here is the first in a collection of cute n colourful energetic lil cheerleading cookies, she is sure to be a hit in these sporty themed kits and she is available in all stores now with a big 30% saving for this month, be sure to check out the other colours in this collection and hope you all have fun creating with her :-)

Cheerleader Cookie set 2

set 2 of the cheerleading cookies are also now available in my stores, hope you like her and find some uses for her in these sporty themed tags/kits :-)

Cheerleader Cookie set 3

New in all my stores now is set 3 of the cheerleading cookies & she comes with a saving of 30% for the month of January, store links are on the right >>>>>

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pretty Ballerina Cookie set 1

Cookie is all set for her dancing class in her lovely tutu and ballet shoes, she is delighful and elelgant and will look fabulous in your kits/tags .... shes on sale with a saving of 30% this month so be sure to take advantage and check out everything else in the sale while your there ... shes in orange for this set and also comes in lemon n limes and reds (set posts below)

Pretty Ballerina Cookie set 2

Set 2 in my pretty ballerina collection is now available in my stores today, hope some of you will like her and find her useful for the kits/tags

Shes on sale at 30% savings in all stores too so be sure to stop by to check out all my sale items, you wont be dissapointed :-)

Pretty Ballerina Cookie set 3

New in stores today is this set of awesome pretty ballerina cookies, shes perfect for almost any kit/tag and the lil girls in your life will love her .... this sets in red and is available in my stores with 30% off for the whole month of January, store links are on the right over there >>>>
Dont forget to check out all my other products while your shopping as theres many many bargains in stores :-)