Monday, 26 April 2010

Best of British Cookie (set 2)

Set 2 of the British cookies now available in all my stores, can be found by clicking the store links on the right over there >>>>>
hope some of you will enjoy working with these, keep an eye out lol there maybe more in the collection coming soon hehehe

huggs susan

Best of British Cookie (set 1)

Finally after all my frustration these past 2 weeks i finished up a few sets of cookies, decided to go British with the first lots lol and was pretty pleased with how they turned out, not easy lol but patience paid off, hope some of you like these and they will go great with a few of my british themed templates too :))

Theyre in stores today and 35% off normal price until the weekend

huggs Susan

CU Mini Cooper Pack

Had so much fun with the mini lol so here is a cu pack all ready made for those of you who prefer not to use the templates...
Its in stores today ladies and store links are over on the right as always :))

huggs Susan

Mini Cooper Motor Template

Well lol this was a challenge as all the other motor templates ive done but love the challenge so kept going back to this and finally finished up with something i like, hope its of use to some of you too....
Added to all my stores this morning and 35% off normal price until the weekend :))

huggs Susan

Horse Riding Template

Happy monday everyone and hope the weeks off to a good start for you all, this morning ive taken some time out from learning to get some new items into the stores so here is the first of todays bunch...cute horse with riding hat, whip and also a jump fence lol

Listed in all stores as of this morning and hope some of you like this one, it would go well with the farm themes and animals in my other listings

35% off normal price until the weekend too ladies :))

Huggs Susan

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Garden Mix Templates

As promised here is the 2nd set of templates in all my stores tonight, you can find them by clicking the links on the right.........

Nowwwww back to some tut reading for me before bedtime lol

huggs Susan

Sea Life Templates

Hi Everyone :))

Sorry for the delay in the posts but some of you that know me know thats lifes pretty hectic away from the pc these days and the time i have been on the puter ive been busy trying to learn some new things (LOL) yes trying is the word ....

Hope you are all doing well too :))

Anywaysssss this pack of templates i made bout 3 weeks ago and am just getting around to posting them tonight, theyre in all my stores and included in my April sale which is 35% off ALL Listings (with exception of the special priced bundle packs @ Scrappetizing Store
Store links are on the right over there >>>>>

Have another preview im about to post for you tonight and im saving some things to list in stores nearer the weekend (hehe)

have a fab night everyone
huggs Susan

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bundled Pets Template Pack - Exclusive at Scrappetizing store

Good Morning Everyone,
Just added this bundled pack of the pets templates to Scrappetizing this morning, as always the bundles are exclusive over there and you wont find them in my other stores (only the individual templates), you can save around 40% on the normal selling price with this one too :)

Store link can be found on the right or by simply clicking HERE

Have a fab Sunday everyone im off to get te washing machine loaded as its another nice day here today

huggs Susan

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Rabbit & Hutch Template

3rd and final template added to all my stores tonight, the rabbits shown inside the cage are from my other store listings, all new templates are in my april sale at 35% off normal selling price in all stores too :))

huggs Susan

Bird Cage with Stand Template

Another addition to the stores tonight is this fab bird cage and stand, please note the birds are in the preview but only for preview purpose and are available in my other store listings

Hop you like and the store links are on the right over there as always >>>>

huggs susan

2 Lil Birdies Template

Evening Ladies,

Its been a weird ole week for me with lots happening at home and around so havent really had the time i wanted to be creating .. however here's the first of a few pets templates that i had ready to list and is now listed in all my stores tonight, hope some of you will be able to make good use of the pets, they were fun to make

Keep an eye open too for the bundled pack which is coming very very soon, bundles are only available at Scrappetizing tho

Hope your all having a fab weekend
huggs Susan

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kayak & Paddle Template

Requested today so got busy and came up with this, hope its useful :)
Loading to stores as i type here so pls if you go to a store and its not there, it will be very soon lol

huggs Susan

Wee Doggie & Kittie Set 1 Template

Cute set containing a wee doggie & kittie added to all my stores today, links on the right over there >>>>>

Working on a request today so hope to have that posted later tonight :))

have a good one everyone
huggs susan

Wee Doggie & Kittie Set 2 Template

Today heres the first set of wee doggie & kittie pets, hope you like these i thought they were cute and fun to make, theyre available in all my stores today and the links can be found over on the right>>>>>
Easter sales are over but theres still a 35% saving on my listings at all my stores during the month of April

huggs Susan

Monday, 5 April 2010

Bundled Circus/Fair Templates Pack - Exclusive to Scrappetizing Store

As requested tonight ive put together a bundled pack of the circus and fairground things, this pack will save you a few $$$ if your looking for elements for this theme :))

As always my bundled packs are exclusive to Scrappetizing Store which you can find by clicking the store blinkie over on the right >>>>

Huge saving of $14.00 on the individual selling prices and a ton load of templates to play with, you wont be dissapointed :)

huggs Susan

Bundled Zoo Animals CU Template Pack - Exclusive to Scrappetizing Store

mega bundled pack containing 15 zoo animal templates (some have 2 animals in the zip) only available at Scrappetizing Store now ...

Individual Selling Price - $37.70
Bundled Price - $25.00

saving you over $12.00

huggs Susan

Baby Bear & Giraffe Template

Another 2 lil juniors for the zoo lol, this is the last preview in my zoo collection so thanks for all the ideas ladies and hope you have fun creating kits with them

Hope Easter Monday has been good to you all

huggs Susan

Cheeky Wee Monkey Template

set of 2 cheeky wee monkeys in this pack, this is my 14th in the zoo animal collection and hope some of you are enjoying these, only one more preview to post then im having a break from the zoo stuff or will end up turning into one of the animals lmaoooo

All store links are on the right and the Easter weekend sale prices of 50% off is still good today at Scrappin Bratz & J4T so be sure to check them out :))

huggs Susan

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Park Ranger Jeep Template

Boy oh boy lol did i have fun with this one but was pretty happy with the end results so hope some of you will like it too.
Its in stores tonight and in time for the Easter weekend sales yayyyyy

hope you all havent been stuffing yourselves silly with choccy all day lol
huggs susan

Rocks Peebles & Stones Template

Now heres some rocks to place in the zoo theme kits, i included single templates for you to easily mix n match to suit your needs.
hope you like these and find them useful :)

Links to all stores on the right over there >>>

huggs susan

Zoo Gates & Sign Posts Template

Simply cant have all these animals without some Zoo Gates and signposts to go with them can ya lol....

now available in all my stores today and links to the stores can be found on the right over there >>>

huggs susan

Dolphin & Shark Template

Getting near the last of the zoo templates now lol, dont wanna tire ya'll with them.
This is now available in all my stores today with 35% savings and if you pop over to J4t & Scrappin Bratz you can save 50% this weekend (thats good for ALL my items)

huggs Susan

Snakes Template

okkies another zoo request so hope i did this on okkies lol, its listed in all my stores today and of course included with the relevant store sales that running (be sure to check Scrappin Bratz & J4t this weekend as the big 50% Easter Sale is going) you also get a free collab kit at J4T with a purchase and its one awesome collab so hurry on over to grab yours while you can....

Hope everyones having a lovely easter day today and dont eat too much choccy lolllllll

huggs susan

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cute Swingin Ape Template

and heres the last one that ive loaded this morning, hope you like these ladies and hope i did the requests justice lol

Have a great day
huggs Susan

Cute Pengiun Template

number 3 template listed to all stores today and you can find the links over there on the right >>>
hope some of you will find these useful for the animal and zoo themed kits :)

huggs Susan

Big Cat Template

And heres template number 2 for today, its available in all my stores and included in the relevant store sales thats running so pls be sure to check and see where the savings are :)

Also ladies.. on a sad note i am thinking of leaving Dazzling Scraps so theres no new listings there, i have so many items to list and cant bear the thought of taking days to re do them all to the store :( am sad but just dont have the time to load everything over again.

Oohhh the store links are over there >>>>>>>> lol

huggs Susan

Cute Elephant Template

good morning everyone and Happy Easter weekend to you who celebrate, am having a lazy day today and going to see the band playing tonight so this morning ive been busy trying to get the rest of the animal templates into all my stores so those of you that want them can save some $$$ over the weekend with the Easter storewide sales, a few of the stores have a massive 50% saving and the other stores i belong to are all listed at 35% off for the whole of this month,
hope some of you like the elephant and the others thats following today

Have a fab Saturday to all
huggs Susan

Friday, 2 April 2010

Giraffe Template

2nd one for today is the giraffe for the zoo collection, added to all stores and pls see my other post today for the current sales that are running.
Hope some of you like this one too lol.

Huggs susan

Cute Hippo Template

Today i added the hippo to the stores, this is another in thezoo animals series so hope some of you like.

Store links are on the right as always and be sure to check them out as we have some 50% sales running over the weekend for Easter, my other sale for April is staying at 35% for you all so if your shopping this weekend your saving half price yayyyy,after the storewide sales are over then its back to 35% off all my listings for this month.

Hope your all having a good Friday and have a fab Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

huggs Susan