Friday, 29 April 2011

Cheerleader Rainbow Set

Heres another set of cookie cheerleaders, this time shes dressed in her gogeous matching rainbow colours, again theres 8 figures in the pack :-))

Cheerleader Pastel Set

Here we have a fab lil cutie cheerleader all set for the summer training, theres 8 figures in total with 4 different poses and 2 mix n match colours for the hair and pom poms, shes sure to be a hit :-))

Mini Pack Tennis Trainer - set 6

Gotta admit this is my fav tennis trainer so far ladies, she even matches my juicy luicy paper pack from last year, hope to have a few more different designs ready soon permitting my pc reformats without any hitches lol

Mini Pack Tennis Trainer - set 5

Summers here and cookies out in her lovely lilacs n ready for a game of tennis, shes available now :-)

Mini Pack Tennis Trainer - set 4

Cookies got the black rock n roll theme for this tennis game, again a mini pack with all 3 poses shown on the preview, and again grab this for under $1 in stores while you can :-)

Mini Pack Tennis Trainer - set 3

and here she is in the green team, availavble along with the others in the collection now :-)

Mini Pack Tennis Trainer - set 2

Bringing you set 2 in the tennis trainers collection, you can grab this along with the other mini packs for under $1 in the current sales :-))

Mini Pack Tennis Trainer - set 1

Introcuding my new mini pack cookies, you get 3 figures in the set with different poses, much better value too as you can mix n match with the other mini tennis trainer packs which are all available in the stores now ..... these packs are less than $1 each in the current sales which are ending in 2 days, grab the sales while they last :-))

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Violin CU Template - TS

Another tagger sized template thats been lost somewhere in space lol, now in scrapping your memories and will be available in the other stores just as soon as i can get the files loaded to FTP :-)

Magicians Hat & Wand CU Templates - TS

Had this finished for a long long time but somehow it got lost in the folders lol, but its in stores now :-))
Some of you will know im having mega pc problems right now and am not able to get everything loaded to all stores ... this is available in scrapping your memories and scrappetizing for the time being until i can resolve the problem and get uploaded to the other stores.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Air Hockey Game Template - TS

Ohhh more memories lol, this was a fav of mine in the arcades and altho i have included this in a kit last year i never got around to finalising the template for the stores soooooo now here you have it lol, hope some of you will like this one & dont forget its in the current sales :-)

Hop Scotch Game Template - TS

Remember playing this on hte pavement outside when you were young lol, i sure do ... brings back a few memories, this could be great for the fun summer kits/tags with a kids theme eh ...hope you like and its in stores now and also included in my current sales so stock up while you can :-)

5 Pin Bowling Template - TS

Im a huge fan of the 10 pin bowling game lol so here is a mini edition template which i hope some of you will have fun using in your kits/tags...still many more templates to be uploaded but patience is the name of the game just now lol, just hope my tech guy can come out to fix things for me soon :-)

Hockey Set Templates - TS

Back to some templates for you ladies, this ones been hanging around on my hard drive for god knows how long lol but with my pc the way it is im pretty limited to when i can get round to loading items so pls be patient and lots more ready to be uploaded :-)

Hanging Basket/House Plants Pack

Another arrival this week is this delighful pack of hanging basket/houseplants elements, 8 in all and all are shown on the preview, hope this comes in useful to some of you :-)

Mega Flower Stash Pack

New this week ... mega stash of various flowers just in time for the summer/spring, this pack consists of a whopping 75 flower elements which im sure will be of great use to some of you.
Hope you like and have a great day ladies :-)