Thursday, 27 May 2010

Trendy Beach Babe Cookie (set 3)

Okkies ladies heres the 3rd set of trendy beach babe cookies now in all my stores with the 40% off till sunday night...hope theres some of you out there that can use these and i may still make another few sets of these as theres so many colour possibilities that i wanna use.

Well for now its back to the cleaning grrrrrrrrr but its gotta be done lol
Have a fab day all

huggs Susan

Trendy Beach Babe Cookie (set 2)

Heres the 2nd set of trendy beach babes which are now available in all my stores with the May sale still effective you save 40% on these till sunday night
Hope you like them and theres still another set of these coming today :))

huggs susan

Trendy Beach Babe Cookie (set 1)

Hi everyone,

well its been a weird old week for me lol, i aint been around the pc much at all as the weathers been great for us (makes a change haha) Have spent most of the week going out and about, Edinburgh, Callendar, Bracklin Falls, Doune Castle and a few other spots, had my camera and took tons of pics as usual and truly enjoyed being outside rather than stuck indoors.

Anyways heres a set of trendy beach babe cookies that i put together when i did spend time at the pc, hope some of you can use her for these summer kits/tags etc, shes just now loaded to all my stores (exception of Scrappin Bratz, sadly i decided i couldnt keep up with all my stores and have handed my notice in there) sooooo now its just the 5 stores and my sale for May is still good until Sunday :))

Store links on the right as always and hope you take a browse around the stores as theres many many fantastic bargains to be got at...

following today is another 2 sets of this cookie in different colours so watch this space for the previews very soon, am in the middle of clearing out my sons bedroom (badly overdue lol) so will be back n forward throughout the day

huggs Susan

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Katelynn Still Skating Cookie

Okkies ladies here's Katelynn still skating and still falling down occassionally lol but she is getting better each day :))
Shes available in my stores this morning and on sale at 40% off along with ALL my other listings, hope you like this one.

have a fab weekend everyone

huggs Susan

Katelynn Goes Skating Cookie

Good morning to everyone, its still early here but I'm up and about and getting these new sets loaded to my stores, new Cookie on the block today and shes dedicated to a good friends grand daughter who has been learning to skate, this is her in her pink outfit and shes arrived in my stores this morning, hope she catches your eye and she is on sale with 40% off until the end of May.
Store links are on the right over there >>>> so all you gotta do is click the blinkie and you will be taken to the relevant stores.

Today is meant to be a scorcher weather wise for us, tho theres no sign of the sun yet lolllllll, I'm going out for lunch today and then doing a walk across the Forth Road Bridge so lets hope the sun starts shining through for us hehe

Hope you all have a fab Friday and pls do pop back sometime over the weekend as i have a few loose cookies which i plan to offer as freebies yayyyyyyyyyyyy

huggs Susan

Monday, 17 May 2010

Babe in Blue Jeans (set 3)

Okkies the 3rd set of babes in blue jeans has hit the stores today too, shes lovely in lemon for this pack and comes with a whopping 40% saving on original prices for this months sales, you can find her in all my stores by clicking the links over there on the right, ohhhhh lol almost forgot shes going for just $1.25 at Scrappin Bratz to celebrate me being DOM over there :)) why not stop by and check out all my listings while the sale lasts :))

huggs Susan

Babe in Blue Jeans (set 2)

Here ya go ladies, the 2nd set of babes in blue jeans in groovy colours, you can find her in all my stores now, hope you like this one :))

huggs Susan

Babe in Blue Jeans (set 1)

Hi all
Here's the first in a new set of cute cookies added to all my stores today, shes on sale too with 40% off normal price, hope some of you will like her, store links are on the right as always, next set coming is same poses but different colours :))

Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoy the week ahead

huggs Susan

Monday, 10 May 2010

Lil Diner Hostess Cookie (set 3)

finally here is the 3rd set of diner cookies, love the colours here and hope some of you will like them too, all loaded to the stores and links over on the right>>>> 40% off everything starting tonight

need me bed now lol am well tired
huggs Susan

Lil Diner Hostess Cookie (set 2)

And here is the 2nd set of diner hostess cookies, different uniform but same poses as set 1, all loaded to the stores tonight, hope you like :))

huggs susan

Lil Diner Hostess Cookie (set 1)

Hiya everyone, hope your all doing good and sorry for the lack of posts this month so far, other than me messing with the cookies things been pretty hectic at home with one thing and another, weathers also been slightly better so have been spending a lil more time outdoors rather than sitting indoors at the pc...

Anyways i have a few new cookie sets just added to all my stores tonight, all cept Katelynns for now as the store is temporarily down, will list these there just as soon as things are back in action.

All store links can be found over on the right >>> also sorry for the lack of sales this month but have requested 40% off at all stores from tonight while you can pick up a bargain with my items at Scrappin Bratz this month while im designer of the month :)

Hope some of you like the diner cookies and can find some good use for them

have a fab night
huggs susan

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Miss Sixtie Cookie

Ahhh shes sweet, groovy and very trendy, perfect for almost any occassion, meet Miss Sixtie and shes just arrived in stores tonight, links are to the right over there >>>>>
Hope you like her as much as i do

huggs susan

Pink Kiltie Gal Cookie

Heres another set of 6 Cookies new in the stores tonight, this ones quite punky lol and hope she catches your eye ...
Dont forget you can save up to half price and even more at Scrappin Bratz on all my products this month :))

Have a fab night everyone
huggs susan

Cutel Lil Rasta Cookie

Newly added to all my stores tonight, heres a cute rasta cookie in 6 different poses which i hope some of you will like...

store links are all over on the right as always and if your shopping at Scrappin Bratz this month i have a special sale going for me being elected as Designer of the month there :))
you save 50% on all my listings that are over $3 and everything else is priced at just $1.50

hope the weeks been good to everyone...
huggs susan

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Biker Babe Cookie

This one was a whole lotta fun to do and love the way she turned out so hope some of you will like her just as much as i do
Shes available in all my stores too :)) she is also set to 50% off for the weekend in stores that are participating in the NSD weekend sale

Enjoy the weekend ladies and i will be back with some new previews at start of the week

huggs Susan

Punk in Purple Cookie

2nd set of Cookies newly added to the stores just yesterday and as always she is included in all the relevant store sales for this weekend to celebrate NSD.

Hope some of you will be able to put her to good use in your kits/creations, just one more set to preview tonight before i head out

huggs Susan

Skater Girl Cookie

Hiya everyone, as you all know this weekend celebrates NSD and the stores are having some masive sales for you :))
Have added a few new Cookie posers to the store, the above preview is the first new one that i did earlier in the week.
Shes 50% off in participating stores if anyone is going shopping lol and the links can be found over on the right >>>>
Hope some of you are enjoying the cookies as much as im enjoying making them

Have a fab weekend everyone
huggs Susan