Thursday, 20 May 2010

Katelynn Goes Skating Cookie

Good morning to everyone, its still early here but I'm up and about and getting these new sets loaded to my stores, new Cookie on the block today and shes dedicated to a good friends grand daughter who has been learning to skate, this is her in her pink outfit and shes arrived in my stores this morning, hope she catches your eye and she is on sale with 40% off until the end of May.
Store links are on the right over there >>>> so all you gotta do is click the blinkie and you will be taken to the relevant stores.

Today is meant to be a scorcher weather wise for us, tho theres no sign of the sun yet lolllllll, I'm going out for lunch today and then doing a walk across the Forth Road Bridge so lets hope the sun starts shining through for us hehe

Hope you all have a fab Friday and pls do pop back sometime over the weekend as i have a few loose cookies which i plan to offer as freebies yayyyyyyyyyyyy

huggs Susan