Monday, 28 February 2011

70s Flared Cookie - set 10

And finally set 10, the final set in the collection for now, cerise n lime are the colours in this set and shes looking bright n bold with her makeup lol, a deffinite hit for these groovy themes dontcha think :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 9

Set 9 is a lil different, very summery in pinks n white, hope you like her as much as the others :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 8

Still going with the 70s cookie and here she is in warm browns n flowery power.
Would also like to thank you all for the wonderful comments on this collection, sets 9 and 10 are following today and all are in the stores now :-)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

70s Flared Cookie - set 7

Last set for today ladies and again in more fabulous bright bright colours, theres plenty to choose from and another few sets on the way in this collection .....also if you have any suggestions on colour scheme you may like then dont be shy and email me to ask, you can find my addy over on the right :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 6

Looking good with another new hairstyle for this 70s cookie set, hope she fits someones tastes lol :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 5

Set 5 comes in darks n purples ...links to the stores are on the right >>>>
Shes included in the February sale too so why no stop by and treat yourself to some great lil cookies :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 4

The 3rd set in the collection of 70s flared cookies comes in beautiful pinks and suitable for the summery sets, be sure to check out all the other colours when you stop by the store :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 3

Bright n blue for the 3rd set in the flared cookies, hope some of you like these and cant wait to see the groovy kits created :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 2

Set 2 in the flared cookies from the 70s :-)

70s Flared Cookie - set 1

First in my collection of 70s flared cookies have arrived in store, shes bright n colourful and ready to get into the groove, links are over on the right and you save 30% this month, be sure to check out the other fab colours in the collection too :-)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mardi Gras Cookie - set 1

Almost forgot to post these cute mardi gras cookies but thankfully here they are just in time, this is the first of 2 sets and you can see the 2nd set below, hope you have fun creating with these cuties :-)

Mardi Gras Cookie - set 2

Just arrived is cookie in this fab jester outfit, suitable for the Mardi Gras themes :-)

Monday, 14 February 2011

St Patricks Day Lady Cookie - set 2

Set 2 of the cute St Patricks lady cookie in darker greens and a groovy green hairdo, shes available now in all stores and of course she is included in the 30% sale thats running for the month of Feb :-)

St Patricks Day Lady Cookie - set 1

Another lil lady cookie for the upcoming St Patricks Day, 6 different poses and expressions included :-)

FS Paper Pack - Easter Pattern Mix

Here is the 2nd paper pack of the day, you get some extra papers in this one (22 in all) will make a good choice for the easter packs or even these spring kits :-)

FS Paper Pack - Dark Designs

Dark but colourful is the setting for this new paper pack just added today so hope some of you like this:-)

FS Paper Pack - Mixed Up

Another FS paper pack for you all and its now available :-))
Store links on the right over there >>>>>>>

FS Paper Pack - Mardi Gras

New this week and available now is this Mardi Gras coloured themed FS paper pack, hope some of you ladies like this :-)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

FS Paper Pack - Easter Mix

You get 2 extra papers in this pack from your average 20 lol, and its easter themed this time, now in all stores :-))

FS Paper Pack - Circle Papers

Bold bright and colourful circle designs papers in FS and in stores now, be sure to go check them out and enjoy :-))

FS Paper Pack - Bold in Blue

Something new this week from me is a few FS paper packs as per requested from some designers, which i hope are ok size wise ... even with the pc upgraded i found it still ran a little slow with the papers but i just need to have some patience lol. theyre in stores now and the 30% sale is still good for February :-))
Store links are on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, 3 February 2011

St Patricks Day Cutie Cookie - set 2

Heres the 2nd set of the St Patricks Day Cutie cookie which has also arrived in the stores, am currently working on another few sets in these colour themesso hope they are ready for the stores at the weekend, keep checking back for updates, also i have extended my 30% sale for the month of February too :-)

St Patricks Day Cutie Cookie - set 1

Okkies i had a request asking if i would be doing any St Patty cookies so this is the first set i done, hope some of you enjoy this and will use her in your projects, shes in stores now :-)