Tuesday, 1 June 2010

General Update

Morning everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently and over the weekend but i had a scare and wasnt feeling well so slept most of the weekend other than being at hospital....it all started Friday night when i had a lil red mark on my arm, looked like an insect bite then during the night i was itchy as hell but didnt think any more of it till i got up in the morning, i was covered from head to toe in huge red puffy blotches, went to A&E at hospital where i got checked out and appears to have been a severe allergic reaction to the bite (is the only thing that we can think of), i had to see a couple of doctors who then gave me anti hestamine tablets to take to relieve the itching, then in the afternoon i saw another doctor who prescibed steroid tablets to help the blothes on my body, the pills helped but on Saturday night my face was swollen and sore as hell, boy was i scared and almost ready to go back to hospital, however on sunday morning the swelling had went down a little and as the day went on it continued to go down but its taken till this morning for me to look somewhat normal again, i was like something from the rocky horror show lol (can laugh now but not at the time) it was scary and hope i never go through that again..

anyways enough of my problems lol, i have a load of items ready for the stores and have started uploading now so will be posting some previews very soon

hope you all had a good weekend, ohhhh i did manage to see my fav band play in the town centre, thankfully before my face was really bad so am grateful to that lol, theyre great and i never miss a chance to see them play hehe

huggs Susan