Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Overlays Pack 23

Another set of overlays, long overdue for listing lol theyve been ready along with the paper packs since around February, i guess i just had so many other things in the works that i never got around to putting these in the stores, now available tho in all my stores (links to the right)
hope some of you will like these and be able to put them to use in your kits and projects.

All overlay packs in my listings are priced down to just $1.00 per pack for the whole month of june too so not a bad saving for you :))

I've got another set to preview today then hopefully I'm off to Edinburgh for one of our weekly walkabouts, also planning on going to book out tickets for the Edinburgh Dungeon which we are visiting nearer the end of the month with some friends, it will be a guid laugh lollllllll

have a fab day to you all
huggs Susan