Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bundled Cute Critters Template Pack - Exclusive to Scrappetizing

Jings lol i found this preview that id made last weekend and mustve forgot all about loading it to Scrappetizing, (cuz thats the only store you will find my bundled packs)....

Ive now loaded this to the store and its available today, you can save almost half price on this pack in March. Individual selling prices are just over $13.00 and with my march sale of 35% you can get the lot for just $7.15 ...

Hope the weekends been going good to you all, im recoving slightly from my friends 40th birthday party last night which was a really good night and i enjoyed even more cuz id not been out in a few weeks lol

Have a fab sunday everyone and i may be back later with some new overlays packs but need to go to do some grocery shopping first grrrrrrrrrr something i dont really enjoy lollllllll

huggs Susan