Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hippie Guitar Template (PTU)

This is the first of two guitar templates going in the stores very soon, hope some of you will like this one and I named it the hippie guitar lol cuz for some reason it just reminds me of the these older guitars, i took guitar lessons when i was a teenager, dropped out cuz the guy that took the lesson was always trying to get me to play using my right hand and im left handed, i just couldnt do it lmao so i stopped the lessons, the guitar has been kept thru many many a year and my son has this in his room now, sometimes i see him strumming away with it so maybe i have a rock star in the making, god forbid lmao
Anyways hope some of you can use this template for your tags.kits and it will be in stores by start of the week, store links are on the right over >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>