Friday, 25 September 2009

Nucleus Freedom Template

Tonights new template is a Nucleus Freedom aid for hearing, this is what cochlear implantees wear, this ones quite close to my heart as I myself am deaf and have been fortunate enough to be implanted with this, obviously this is just the outer part of the aid lol, there is a magnet around the size of a door key fitted inside my head behind my ear and the little round part you see in the preview is a magnet which 'sticks' to my head just behind my ear, I know the colour is yucky lol but thats about the colour it is, I had the operation 9 years ago and have just been given a new aid and this is honestly just like it lol.
Anyways, im off to load to the stores right now incase anyone wants to take advantage of the sale at Katelynns Designs which is still going and ends at midnight.

Hugs Susan